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IIT Emergency Shelter with Cord, 8 Feet Long and 2 Feet Wide

  • $ 3.95

Emergency shelter will help you stay warm while camping. It is also ideal for use in winter seasons. This shelter is made of aluminum-laminated polyethylene and is waterproof. It is a compact and lightweight shelter and can be easily stored in the cars glove compartment. This reflects wind and heat and is waterproof. This shelter can also be cut according to the required size and used. This waterproof emergency shelter can be used in severe winters for maintaining warmth and keeping temperature in control. It is an extremely versatile camping shelter as a curtain on a sliding door. It can easily be used as supplemental shelter, if an indoor source of heat is unavailable. The emergency shelter is ideal for people who love to camp frequently or those who live in places with extremely low average temperatures.

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