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Thornton's Office Supplies Mechanical Pencil Lead Refills, HB #2 0.7mm, Blue Lead, 330 Pieces

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The Thornton's Lead Refills measure 0.7 mm which is the ideal lead size for creating medium, yet precise lines that are perfect for writing, drawing, and graphing. With just a light adjustment or pressure you can go from bold and thick lines to gentle and soft lines, creating depth in your art and visual emphasis in your writing. There's nothing worse than trying to write with weak lead. The Thornton's Lead Refills feature break resistant graphite. You can get those strong and dark lines without snapping the tip off of your lead every few seconds. You also reduce the amount of lead wasted so you can get more for your money with this strong graphite. When not in use, storing your lead can be an issue. When it's left our it gets messy lines all over everything, and the dispensers it comes in usually break and you have to throw it out anyway. Thornton's has solved your lead dispenser problems with a convenient and strong dispenser that keeps your lead organized and protected, ready to go when you are. The Thornton's Office Supply 0.7 mm HB #2 Lead Refills meet school standards just like a regular #2 wooden pencil. They can be used to take notes, graphs, or drawings. The lead is even acceptable and accurately read on scantron sheets. This lead makes everything more convenient and simple, even testing!

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